Sassy Orochimaru
Pay with what though money or other stuff?

I take everything but American Express.

Aww what happened? :'(

I shall tell you what happened. Someone Sasuke decided to experiment with birds—hawks actually.

And those hawks began fighting my snakes. And now my snakes are pissed off and I have bird defecation on my silk blouse.

My. Silk. Blouse.

Do you need a hug?

You must pay to touch me.

How are you orochimaru ? :)

Horrible, my dear. This has been a great betrayal in my house.



Why do people call you Michel Jackson?


Who the hell is Fabio jr

One of my most precious snakes. Fabio Jr had constant bouts of diarrhea, was allergic to most things, and slept in my sock drawer or in my sleeve. He was his father’s son, and sadly died last June. But now Fabio the third lives on with his father’s memories.

RIP Fabio Jr

So ummmmm.... what's up with medusa?

She was my beard in High School. And one of my first experiments. I broke up with her of course. Now she’s as jealous as Kabuto is after a late night training session with Sasuke.

DAMN you Are sassy

You sound as if you doubted me. 

Now you must die.

Youre such a mother fucker, how did u even get a damn computer???

Oh my dear, I do not fuck mothers. How revolting. And Kabuto brought it to me. Something about giving my word to the world. Dearest Sasuke taught me how to use the mouse until Fabio Jr heard and ate it, thinking it to be a real mouse.